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LCCA is a Professional & Personal Development and Management Consulting Company dedicated to achieving goals and objectives through positive transformation of behaviors and thinking. LCCA's Professional and Personal Development focuses on: Identifying core growth areas and actions needed for improvement. Challenging individuals to grow beyond limitations. Continuous growth and improvement.


Professional Development Core focus includes:Executive and Leadership Development; Stress Management; Employee Relationships and Teamwork; Conflict Resolution; Communications; Business Management; Career Transition; Time Management.


Personal Development Core focuses includes:  Stress Management; Relationships; Divorce; Marriage; Parenting; Spiritual Formation; Life Purpose; Financial Management; Grief and Loss.


LCCA’s Management Consulting services are Project/Program based and focus specifically on:  Process improvements and enhanced work processes. Resolving Leadership and Management issues through collaboration and coaching.


The LCCA Team looks forward to serving you on your journey to achieving your dreams and goals!


​TC Mediation assists individuals, families, businesses, and churches who need Alternative Dispute Resolution Services (ADR).


The mediation process fosters confidentiality by keeping private problems from public disclosure. Mediation is a voluntary process that facilitates negotiation which assists the parties in reaching a resolution to their dispute that both sides can accept. This allows and encourages the parties to control what happens in their lives, families and businesses.


While your mediator facilitates the process, the final decisions belong to the parties. This "team work" approach is the beginning of helping people gain skills in joint problem solving for future conflict. Who should use mediation?Individuals, couples, families, small businesses, and churches seeking Alternative Dispute Resolution Services.


Couples use mediation for divorce, custody/visitation agreements. Families and parents use mediation for family conflict (e.g., teen issues, rent, rules..). Individuals use mediation for conflict resolution whether for work issues or neighbor problems. Small businesses and management use mediation for employee relations and training for conflict resolution.

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