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     45 minute Sessions:  $125.00

     Consulting with other professionals:  $150.00/per hour

     Cancellation Fee (less than 24 hour notice):  $125.00

     Report Writing:  $150.00/per hour


Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)

     $150/hr onsite visit(s)

Certified Employee Assistance (CEAP)

     $150/hr onsite visit(s)




Payments are due at the time of your visit. If payment is not made at the time of your session, a $10.00 fee will be added to your account.  Payment must then be received in our office within a week to avoid additional fees. 


In the case of consultations, the initial fee of $150.00 is due prior to the consultation.  Any additional fees incurred will be due prior to the release of any report, etc. 




TCCCS has opted to not be on any healthcare provide panels.  TCCCS does not accept "in network" payments and will not submit claims.


For those clients who have "out of network" benefits with your healthcare provider, you will have the necessary information on your walk out receipt so that you can submit your claim to your healthcare provider.  They are to mail their payment directly to you and NOT to TCCCS. 


Benefits of Self-Pay


If you choose to pay directly for your counseling needs, you may gain the following benefits:


  • Confidentiality and Privacy- If you use your insurance company, they have the right to review your clinical records.  A diagnosis will have to be made and will be in your medical records.  All of this creates a paper trail.


  • Freedom to choose your own counselor-Many insurance companies restrict your choices to only those who on their panels.  Self-pay allows you to choose the counselor that you believe best fits your needs and desires.


  • Session Approval-It is common that insurance companies not only restrict the number of sessions you can have in a calendar year but they can also determine whether or not you need the sessions.  With self-pay, you are in charge, not the insurance company.


  • Motivation- In many cases, the self-pay client is more motivated to see results and be invested in his/her counseling.


Cancellations and Rescheduling


Your session is scheduled for 45 minutes.  It is important that you be prompt as the session cannot be extended past the already scheduled time.  Our office requires a 24 hour notice for you to cancel an appointment.  Failure to do so will result in you being charged the rate of $125.00.  This is intended to encourage your faithfulness in the growth process, and to give us the opportunity to schedule another client for that appointment time.


Sometimes Carol must respond to an emergency or crisis in which case your appointment will be rescheduled. Every effort will be made to notify you of the cancellation and to reschedule.


Phone/Email/Telehealth Fees


Any communication via Phone, Email, Telehealth, and/or non-emergency phone sessions will be charged in 15 minute increments at $35.00 per increment.  We must have your credit card information on file before these sessions are scheduled or conducted.  A charge to your credit card account will be run at the time of reading and/or corresponding or after the phone session has ended.  Carol will tell you the amount that will be charged at that time.  If you plan to submit counseling sessions to your insurance, please check to see if they cover online sessions.


For your convenience we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.  Some clients use their FSA and HSA accounts for their counseling sessions.  You must check with your individual plan to see if you meet the requirements for payment.

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