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In addition to offering traditional office visits, we also offer counseling via: Telehealth, telephone, email and Instant Messaging.


Because of our busy lives, schedules, and driving distance, there are times when my clients find it convenient to do sessions via these technological means.


For those clients who cannot find a counselor in their local area, Telehealth counseling allows them to have access to a therapist with the expertise they desire.


There are advantages and limitations to this type of counseling.  Please consider these prior to scheduling an on-line session.



  • You will not be spending additional time, money, and fighting traffic traveling back and forth to our office. (This can be especially beneficial to those live outside the Tri-State area.)

  • You are in the privacy of your home or office.  No worries about running into someone you know in our office. (I find this especially true for Pastors and Missionaries who are seeking counseling).


  • It may be more difficult to establish a trusting relationship with a counselor who is not physically present.

  • Communication may be more difficult (i.e. delays and distortions due to technological issues).

  • Counseling by phone is not appropriate for people who are suicidal or homicidal, in crisis, or struggling with serious depression or other serious emotional problems

  • Because e-mail connects through many routers and mail servers on its way to the recipient, it is inherently vulnerable to both physical and virtual eavesdropping. Current industry standards do not place emphasis on security; information is transferred in plain text; every e-mail leaves a digital paper trail in its wake that can be easily inspected months or years later. It is important that you, the client, are also made aware of the eavesdropping vulnerability, both physical and virtual, that can be inherent in the conversations and information transmitted via Web based platform, E-mail, and Cell Phones. 


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